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string ensemble (14 players)
ca. 11 min.

In digital composing, as in all digital activities, we move in data landscapes and in diverse contexts. This often ignores the fact that data obtained in one context can differently be interpreted in any other context. In computer technology, shared memory refers, among other things, to working memory that can be used by several programmes at the same time. Such processes run in a well-ordered manner, but also refer to the aforementioned interchangeability of data contexts.

For Strings of Shared Memory, data from various acoustic sources (audio samples) were linked with instrumental actions through a branched algorithmic process. The result is a synthesis of aspects of input, musical rules and the specific instrumental and tonal possibilities of a string orchestra.

recording © 2022 GIMIK e.V. Cologne

conductor: Axel Lindner
violin: Ségolène de Beaufond, Cécile Dorchêne, Ye-Young Hwang, Kalina Kolarova, Ha-Na Lee, Lilit Tonoyan
viola: Sara Hubrich, Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg, Christiane Veltman
cello: Elio Herrera, Emily Wittbrodt, Burkart Zeller
double bass: Moritz Baerens, Constantin Herzog

first performance: Cologne, December 5th, 2021

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