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percussion quartet
ca. 8:30 min.

The piece is based on the idea of an explosion that sets in motion an equally linear and cyclical process that slowly calms down and later comes to a halt. Instrumented for four percussionists, only metal sounds are used. Two players each follow similar, temporally staggered, metric cycles. This creates a metric canon and the metric mesh thereby unwinds in the form of a constant slowing down until a single calm pulse remains.

recording © 2010 GIMIK e.V. Cologne

Schlagquartett Köln
Thomas Meixner, Dirk Rothbrust (Thai gongs, cow bells)
Boris Müller, Achim Seyler (vibraphones)

first performance: Cologne, December 5, 2010

broadcast: Deutschlandradio Kultur/Neue Musik, “Computing Music, Eine Konzertreihe der Kölner Initiative GIMIK” (January 10, 2017), author: Hubert Steins

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