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clarinet, live electronics
ca. 5 min.

A clarinet enters into dialogue with itself through an electronic echo. Due to different delay times and playback speeds of the echo the instrumental voice and its counterpart canonically move by various degrees of temporal closeness. Thus, the temporal spacing between the voices changes continuously over certain periods of time until their speed relationship is readjusted in the following section. In a total of 14 sections, three different such ratios occur: 3:2, 4:3 and 5:4. This creates non-tempered pitch intervals between clarinet and echo, based on natural fifth, natural fourth and natural third.

recording © 2016 GIMIK e.V. Cologne

Heather Roche, clarinet
Bernd Härpfer, live electronics

first performance: Cologne, November 20, 2016

broadcast: WDR3 open sounds/Studio elektronische Musik, Techné (73): “Programmiersprachen” (June 10, 2017), author: Hubert Steins

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