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Mazwi 2000/2018 electronic music (6 channels) 12:15 min.

Velocity Delays

Velocity Delays for Clarinet 2016 clarinet, live electronics ca. 5 min.

Lyndon Canyon

Lyndon Canyon 2014 flute, live electronics ca. 5 min.

Red Forest

Red Forest 2013 electronic music (stereo) 3:37 min.


Unwinding 2010 percussion quartet ca. 8:30 min.


Juliette 2006 flute, piano, vibraphone ca. 5 min.


Birdsong Birdsong I 2002 electronic music (8 channels) 45 min. Birdsong II 2005 electronic music (stereo) 52 min.

One For The Road

One For The Road 1999 piano, double bass or electric bass guitar, percussion (drum set) ca. 5 min. 2000 version…

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